“Every believer is a Minister.”



Small Groups are the heartbeat of DC Georgia. These are small units of believers who meet regularly to share and discuss God’s word, and to encourage and build up one another. By creating a sense of family and enabling you to build relationships, they make you feel at home. No matter what your interests, career goals, stage of life or zip code, there’s a Small Group that’s a great fit for you.


The awesome experience of our services is extended to homes to encourage intimacy among brethren because life is not meant to be lived alone. Members of a House Fellowship share their joys and bear one another’s burdens, they study the word of God, pray and hang out. Everyone is welcome and accepted. It is where life-change happens and godly relationships are made. More importantly, you will grow in faith and Christ-likeness.


According to Isaiah 61:1-3, God promises to replace ashes with Beauty for hurting, wounded and emotionally disturbed people. This is what this group is all about. The students are trained on how to appropriate this word from God and position themselves to be beneficiaries of this promise from God. The class runs 1day per week for 12 weeks.


Being mentored is a key element for growth spiritually, emotionally and socially. The women of the Mighty Deborah group have experience and expertise to share through their life experiences and they are committed to providing mentorship, wise counsel and guidance to young women so they can face life challenges with strength and purpose.


For Ladies Only. Are there rules in dating for the Christian woman? How do you get Mr Right to propose? Find out in this small group about dating, relating with men and everything in between. With practical teachings from the popular message by Rev David: Rules of Engagement is sure to answer the questions of the heart.


Single parenting can be overwhelming, tiring and most times under appreciated. These are the reasons why this group was created. Godly wisdom and other supports are given to help you find hope, encouragement and rest as you face the challenges of Single Parenting.


This group for Girls between the ages of 9-19 years is special because health, body and relationship advice, life stories, fitness, food, fashion, beauty and other varieties are added to the sound doctrine of the word of God that is being taught. There are also music, movie, book and tech reviews, quizzes, video, blogs to contribute.


Prayer cells are small group of faithful who gather on a weekly basis either in church or homes to participate in communal prayers and the spiritual enrichment of the members.


This ministry was formed out of the sole desire to help women feel BEAUTIFUL. The BE U Team has created an outreach called “The Day Of Beauty”, where they go out to apartment complexes,shelters and many more, giving the women a day of relaxation from their everyday life, bringing out the beauty in them and also winning souls to God’s kingdom.


From the great nation of Haiti, we have brethren who have come together as a missionary unit to reach the unsaved and make impact to their immediate world and their fellow Haitians. They also support other Ministry arms in the church in serving and blessing lives.


At DC Georgia, we believe in using drama to reach out to communicate truth in a fresh and creative way. We also believe that drama can play a valuable role in the lives of believers at DC Georgia. The people who are involved in our drama ministry feel gifted and called by God to use their gifts to serve our congregation through drama.


For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. “ A man can only rise, conquer, and achieve by lifting up his thoughts. He can only remain weak, and abject, and miserable by refusing to lift up his thoughts.” This 6-8weeks-small group trains the members on how to channel and consciously think thoughts for high flying life achievements.